Who am I?

Hi I am Taylor and I am 16 years old.


I have put this website together to give an insight into me, to understand how passionate I am about my future and what has made me the person I am today.   I would describe this website as a blog of my life so far.  The determination and strength I hold to succeed no matter what hurdles are put in my way.


I hope this website will help someone else who is willing to succeed and shows that with the help of your family, friends and your school if you want something bad enough then nothing is impossible if you put in the hard work.


There are a lot of people out there who will be jealous of you no matter what you do, but don't let this stop you achieving your goals.  For quite a while during secondary school, I lost belief in myself and my abilities.  


All through my school years even in primary school, I struggled with mild bullying and I let this stop me from showing people the real me, I stopped doing my best in a school setting when it came to the performing arts because I didn't want people to think I was showing off.


At one point I had someone show a video I had on Instagram which had been filmed several weeks earlier and they told the agent I had recorded it that day when I was at home sick when I was meant to be having headshots taken.  The person in question admitted that she was jealous because she didn't like going to auditions with me as I always took the part over her.  Sadly the person also has and at the time had very little interest in the industry.


But today, I don't care and I have felt like that for about a couple of years now, I have stopped letting others affect what I do.  By the time I left school, I wasn't embarrassed to perform in front of people anymore.


My Head of Performing Arts helped me with this by encouraging me and helping me get passed my modesty and drop my guards.  He encouraged me to audition for some of the top schools in the UK, some with worldwide status as he believed it was possible for me to be accepted.


He was right and I was offered a place at every school I auditioned and I also received a full scholarship for my chosen School.  I do believe my modesty helped play a part in my success, as I never went into an audition believing this is where I belong, but with the mindset, I will go in show them what I can do and hope it's good enough!


I am so excited about my next journey, I hope you enjoy my journey in my words and through personal photos and videos from training sessions and competitions.