Let's Go Eagles Let's Go!

So what I was going to do now!  My mum suggested Cheerleading, she felt it was a fun direction for me to go in after years of hard work and it meant I could also return to the Gym later if I wanted too.  So I agreed to give it a try! 


It was at Cheer Central in Beckton that I discovered that Cheerleading isn't all about pom-poms and it is possible for me to feel like I am flying because the stunts can be nail-bitingly terrifying but it was also an amazing feeling. 


At the trials, my skills were way above any of the others who were auditioning and I was offered a place immediately with a team called 'Ascension Eagles Prophecy', they were the highest group I could join for my age.  They wanted to train me as a 'Flyer' as I was small and light, so I would be perfect.  


However, with a competition 6-weeks away I needed to learn the routine as if I wasn't in the team for every competition I would not be able to go to the World Cheerleading Championships in Florida if we qualified.


My first competition was at the NEC in Birmingham and the stadium was full to the rafters and the atmosphere electrifying.  The experiences I gained were amazing.  I travelled around the UK performing and winning competitions.


I even worked with the BBC on a show called 'My team, the Cheerleaders' it was a fly on the wall documentary for CBBC looking at the life as a Cheerleader and my team and 2 of the other UK top Cheerleading teams in the UK.  It was yet another great experience and we had so much fun.


I was so embarrassed when my school decided to show each show the following morning after it had aired.  But the Head, Ms Mooney explained that her reason for doing it was to show the others how hard I worked to achieve the tricks I could do!


At the end of my 2nd seasons, I injured my ankle and it meant I was unable to compete and when my team qualified for Worlds I wouldn't be included in the team to travel to Florida, I was devastated!


But I had started to miss gymnastics and when I spoke with the owner of Cheer Central she wasn't surprised.  It was the coach and owner at Cheer Central who said no matter how big the group of people were I always stood out because of the way I hold myself, so ..........



I am the smallest with the bobbing ponytail

 Olympic Park, Stratford part of the celebrations in 2014 for London 2012