Finding The Last Piece To My Future

At the end of Year 9, we had to finalise our GCSE options, it was a difficult choice because I wanted to study the 3 performing arts - Music, Dance and Drama but that was not an option.  Year 8 was a year where we could see which GCSEs we wanted to take and I had looked at all 3 and I chose GCSE Dance and Drama.


As I entered into Year 10 I started the GCSE Dance and I knew immediately I had made a mistake, I realised that the GCSE Dance was not going to be challenging enough for me and that GCSE Music would have been a better option.  Speaking to my teachers I was pleased to hear that if the timetable allowed I could change and that was the best thing I did.


So I changed to GCSE Music and then I had to choose an instrument, although my grandfather had brought me a guitar when I was 3 years old as he was a singer/guitarist who grew up in North London with 'The Kinks' and use to jam with them, he sadly passed away before he could teach me.


I knew I could sing a little bit, so I chose my voice as my instrument, which meant I would have vocal lessons once a week with a vocal coach.  I had met the vocal coach at the end of Year 8 and had given me some songs and exercises to work on through the school holidays.  Although at that time I chose to study GCSE Dance, I still worked on these exercises/songs and spent my summer singing 'Naughty' from Matilda.


It paid off because although the vocal coach had already said I had a full vocal range, my voice had really developed. So I started my lessons and enjoyed it, I struggled with the theory side of the Music and as normal the practical side I excelled.  This is me generally, I always found the practical side of anything sporty/artistic easier than the academic side.


Later in Year 10, I auditioned for We Will Rock You and surprised the panel as nobody at school knew this side of me, they thought I was just a dancer.  Sadly, my dance training meant I didn't have the time to be in the school show.


In April 2019 my Head of Performing Arts asked if I would represent the school by singing at an up and coming event at our local Theatre.  They were holding the 'Hertfordshire School Choir Final for the local primary schools' and wanted 3 acts from local schools with exceptional talent to entertain the audience in the intervals.


I was shocked, the first thing I said was "Why would you want me to sing?" and during opening evening later that month he discussed it with my mum and I agreed, he explained to my mum that it will also help me believe in my ability especially when you have an audience applauding you for your performance.


He was right, it was daunting but having an audience of 500 people applauding was a wonderful feeling.  I sang 'When We Were Young' by Adele and 'Is That Alright' by Lady Gaga.


I have performed a few times now at school and on stage at a Haven Holiday Park last year when I attended an end of year owners party with my family.  The host invited me on the stage and I performed "Is That Alright" to a standing ovation.


During the audition process, I was complimented on my choice of songs and my vocal ability.







Safer from First Date - Post 1965 audition song













The Beast in You from Goldilock - Pre 1965 audition 













When We Were Young performed at Broxbourne Civic Centre - May 2019 












Is That Alright? performed at Broxbourne Civic Centre - May 2019












Monster performed with Hazz at School End of Summer Concert July 2019